Magna Dea exists to celebrate and honor the experience of single motherhood.

In a patriarchal world dominated by men in every corner of life – from board rooms, to Parliament, to the Academy, and media, etc. – there are few women-only spaces. If you are (or have been) a single mother – we are holding this space for you. It is sacred. If you are the child of a single mom, this space is for you too.

Too often, single mothers are shamed, excluded, neglected, stereotyped, forgotten about, misunderstood, spoken for without consent, assumed to simultaneously be broken and to ‘have it all together’ because – to other people around them – they seem to do it all. Some single moms are able to navigate all of the complexities and stresses of single motherhood while others struggle with access to resources, poverty, abuse, social shame, systemic racism, class discrimination, isolation, lack of social networks and other external support, access to education, equal and fare wages,  misogyny in the family court and criminal justice system, among other things.

The experience and process of becoming a single mother is not uniform across the spectrum of women in the world. Misogyny, on the other hand, permeates all of social life. Women everywhere suffer under patriarchal rule and misogynist regimes of male governance. It is this truth that we recognise, that we deplore, that we must fight against. We no longer accept popular narratives of weakness and lack and victim blaming. We do not tolerate the exploitation of our plight, or that of our innocent children, for the benefit of power-mongering scientists, politicians, or paedophiles.

We believe that under these patriarchal social conditions SINGLE MOTHERHOOD IS A REVOLUTIONARY ACT.

We are feminist. We are sisters. We are bonded together by our experience of being women and doing this. We are here for each other, to lift each other up, to give voice to the issues that affect us as a community of life-givers and nurturers, and to grow.

We are the unsung heroes of the world.

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