Words of Power: ‘Single Mother, Single Daughter’ by Karen McLaughlin

Just us two

she and me

no awkward third in our skippy-hop dance


parenting requires partnership

one child

one adult


we seesaw

fulcrumed by our mutual dependance

she, my sun; I, her earth


our jokes bewilder them

our made-to-measure language lands as gibberish

our clear collusion confuses


holding the wild and safe space for each other

we are

unaccountable (except to ourselves)

free-range (queens of the snuggle zone)

creators (making the world we need)


unwitting rebels

daring to be

without a he


*by Karen McLaughlin, ‘Single Mother, Single Daughter’. An excerpt from the book Single Mothers Speak on Patriarchy (2017).

One Comment

  1. Love this! Reminds me of me and my mum 😍❤


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