Yesterday, I read one of the best pieces of feminist writing on the experiences and Joys of Single Motherhood that I’ve seen in a while. Posted on The Girl God (awesome concept site featuring anthologies and other books about feminist spirituality) and written by Jennifer Kimmel, it is a beautiful transmutation of the challenges that single motherhood often holds for many of us. Kimmel’s strength and endurance are clear, breathing a fresh breath life and hope into our cause:

“I suspect there are quite a few similar stories out there. Women and their children, breathing happy sighs of relief, moving about unburdened by the demands of a domineering male presence, discovering the sweet taste of freedom. It is because, not in spite of my status as a single mother that my family’s life is so genuinely peaceful, happy and authentic, so much more are our own, and so much more about what we deserve and not what the patriarchy demands.”

Beautiful. Uplifting. Single motherhood is a struggle for many of us, but it’s wonderful and full of joy as well. This is exactly the kind of stuff we need more of. Rich with perspective, Kimmel’s piece also goes further as she bravely opens up about some of the ways in which she suffered during – but survived – girlhood. I am always struck by this kind of bravery because it takes so much strength to do this kind of writing. As a writer, and as someone who has also been through a lot of shit, I appreciate Kimmel’s openness and light. This is the kind of writing that touches people deeply and has the potential to wake people up. It can also heal.

Kimmel if you are reading this, thank you for your contribution. It is so meaningful, and so brave. I hope it helps and inspires more women to take steps to liberation, and to write about it as well!!



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