Long Time, No Write

To say that it’s been a while since the last post is an understatement.

But it has. Grad school. Baby. Full time single mom everything. Trying to catch up on some much needed rest today. Not even sleep-rest though. I wish. That was originally the goal I had in mind at 3 am, but it didn’t work out that way once I remembered that literally all my dishes were dirty, the kitchen needed to be cleaned, and the garbage taken out. I still need to clean the counter and do the laundry but I’m exhausted.

Can’t do it all sometimes, but we can do our best. Best for me right now is running on 4 hours of sleep. Eh. I know that people with partners have similar sleep schedules and lack of energy, etc. but I can’t help but think they – at least – have someone with whom they can share household duties with. Someone who can watch the little ones while you take a nap. Must be nice to have that kind of help. Going to do a specific post about this at a later date so keep an eye out…

Anyway, long story short, this is just to let you know that I’ve not forgotten about you. That this is a (slow for the moment) work in progress, but that there will be a lot more content once the PhD is finished and I have considerably more free time.


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