A Coalition of Lionesses

Image: MagnaDea.org

Hi. I’m so glad you’ve found me.



I am not alone. You are not alone either.

Our singleness does not necessitate the mistakenly oft-obliged pity or social shame. GTFO with that.

We have each other. Nobody tells you this though, when you’re pregnant and alone, or raising a small baby and alone, or caring for several children at the same time while working full-time and going to school, or looking back over the years and everything you did and wondering how in the hell you did it – without a partner or much other support.

Ladies, I am here to tell you that there is a place for us. All we need to do is CLAIM it.

I’m here to write about what I’ve been through for two reasons: 1) I find writing cathartic and healing, so it is therefore powerful and good for me; 2) I want to inspire other women like me to own their power. I want them to know that there is a safe space for them and that they are not alone. We are sisters and we are in this together. So even though I’ll be writing a lot of the posts here – at least for the time being – I want to hear your stories as well and my goal is to make this a magazine full of stories and relevant articles on the experience of single motherhood, written for and by mammas who were at one point or are single and going it alone. I want to get to know you and your struggles, your cares, your loves, and challenges. I want to know what pisses you off. I want to know what led you to single motherhood; was it forced upon you through abuse or tragedy? Was it something you chose to do because it felt right? I want to know we get irritated by the same things: the way we as single mothers are silenced, spoken for, marginalised, abandoned, pitied, represented in the media, and forgotten about in so many other arenas of social life.

I want to know if we have a Voice that can be unified and vocalised. I want this space to reflect our Voice and our unity. I want it to be a collation of detail about what it’s like for us, what we’ve been through, what we need, what strengthens us and what must be changed on social and political levels for us and our children to thrive. Though I know that we each have differences and come from a variety of different places (socio-economically, culturally, ethnically, etc.), I suspect that we have a lot in common along our respective journeys and forays into single motherhood. We are a coalition of lionesses.

What do you think?

What are the most important and pressing issues to you as a single mom? Are you interested in sharing your personal story about how you became a single mom? Want to share your art? Just want to write about what pisses you the fuck off as a single mom? If so, let us know. Your voice is welcome and encouraged here.


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